Shoot the Sea!

My friend has a blog called Shoot the Sea!, where she writes amusing stories and makes hilarious MS Paint drawings. She has captured the essence of one of the recent encounters I ran for a D&D 4th Edition Campaign I’m running!

Check out the her original post HERE!

I used one of my pieces of advice for running minions in D&D and had 1d4 ogre bludgeoneers rushing in from various hallways each round to dutifully be slaughtered by the PCs, who were fighting an Earth Titan king and his two Hill Giant guards. At this point in the battle, the Earth Titan and one of the Hill Giants had been slain, leaving behind only one Hill Giant, who declared himself the new king! In a desperate fury of revenge, the ogres starting running in at the rate of 2d4 ogres a round! When all was said and done, the party stood over the corpses of 40 ogres, having slain the final hill giant, and leaving the remaining ogres leaderless. The remaining 13 ogres (there were 53 in total to start with) wisely decided to flee and hide.

True to my philosophy of giving out way too much XP, I gave XP for each slaughtered ogre minion. So they got to split over 14,000 XP 5 ways! The encounter overall wasn’t super difficult; the ogres probably ended up increasing the difficulty by 1-2 standard monsters or so, but I think it did a good job of making the PCs feel pretty bad ass. There’s nothing like standing on a mountain of ogre corpses to boost your self esteem. At least, that’s what my father always told me.

Minor Quest: See if you can spot the littlest member of the party, Keeno, a Kobold Rogue!

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  1. Rory rory says:

    Anna has promised to do many other D&D related posts on her blog: Her other entries are entertaining and weird too!

  2. Paul says:

    This is MS paint?? amazing! This should be, like, the cover of a WOTC book. Shall we start a petition?

  3. Rory rory says:

    The Kobold IS the one near the right-hand facet of the wall!

  4. Claire Claire says:


    Is the kobold the one in the tall yellow hat near the right-hand facet of the wall?

  5. Claire Claire says:

    I had seen Anna’s blog before when Alison linked to it on facebook! I suspected it was Anna’s blog but I wasn’t sure. Now I know! I like it a lot. Maybe I will comment on it.

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