Dost I EYE a Beholder?

In one of the most hilarious and delightful sets to date, Wizards is releasing A Beholder Collector’s Set! When? NO ONE KNOWS.

For me the question isn’t “Do I want 4 new beholder minis?”. It’s “DO I DESERVE 4 new beholder minis?” Shouldn’t 1 be enough? Maybe, maybe not. My current one is huge, which makes it virtually unplayable. Ah well! I also have like 3 or so mini beholders (also known as gauth) but ZERO large beholders! Large beholders are the ones you actually use!

But do I really deserve FOUR? How often do you fight FOUR beholders? ANSWER: A LOT MORE THAN YOU WOULD IF YOU DIDN’T OWN 4 BEHOLDERS!

Will I buy this collector’s set? Tough to say! I didn’t buy the Colossal red dragon, but I did put it on my Christmas list. I did buy the gargantuan black dragon and it’s awesome. I also bought the gargantuan Orcus and am unlikely to use him! Likely, this will end up on the Christmas list, right next to my pleading cry for people to give me Kiva gift certificates so I can keep ahead of my friend Laura in the stats!

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