Synnibarr Sunday: evil mutant baby

“By the time Synnibarr was finished and ready to take off, the stellar storm was only 2 months away. But before Synnibarr could depart, a child was born whose heart was as black as hell itself. The young child was born a Mutant. Her powers were unknown and never fully understood.

After she was born, she aged to adulthood within 15 minutes. She appeared to be drawn, for no known reason, to the fusion reactor as a moth is to light. Once in contact with it, she attempted to draw and contain its power, but this proved too much for her abilities to handle; the resulting disaster almost forestalled the launch of Synnibarr.”

-The World of Synnibarr, introduction (page 2).
Excessively awesome passages are highlighted.


3 Responses to “Synnibarr Sunday: evil mutant baby”

  1. trey says:

    Wow. It’s like the Penthouse Letters of rpg flavor writing.

  2. kwinslow says:

    Her power being unknown reminds me of someone in some old fighting game whose “blood type is unknown,” like that made them extra badass or something. I can’t find it, but looking for it I found this amazing Naruto page.

  3. Laura says:

    I believe that was in Super Punch Out, kwinslow. I remember being struck by that too.

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