Synnibarr Sunday: Steelbreeze

“By the time they reached the Terra Isles, there was only 1 week left. To the humans it seemed hopeless, and indeed it might well have been if not for the courage of another Mutant named Steelbreeze. His powers were Invulnerability and Super Speed. He ran the distance between the Terra Isles and the Antarctic and found and entered The Womb. He then braved deadly radiation and fought off several mutated monsters until he reached the main control room.”

-The World of Synnibarr, introduction (page 2).
Capitalized proper nouns are in bold.


4 Responses to “Synnibarr Sunday: Steelbreeze”

  1. Noumenon says:

    Capitalized proper nouns are in bold.

    Not on my computer; they’re highlighted yellow. But why are they being emphasized anyway?

  2. VonKeebler says:

    I believe highlighting The Womb is the only way to pay proper respect. Is this paragraph describing a well-travelled ladies man or did the natives actually name an area after a birthing canal?

  3. katre says:

    Remind me to loan you my copy of “Legends of the Evil Robots”. I think you’d love it.

  4. Eduardo Alvarez says:

    If he’s invulnerable, was he really *braving* deadly radiation and mutated monsters? Seems like it wouldn’t be a problem for him.

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