Synnibarr Sunday: paradrakes

“…a small amount of gamma radiation was released and mingled with the radiations emitted by the damaged drives and the power plant within Synnibarr. This caused the creation of the first drake-type creature, the paradrake.

This creature was discovered by an Alchemist whose name is known only to his greatest creations – Lord Midnight and the 72-headed chameleon hydra. This Alchemist created several different species of hydras and drakes, intending to build a vast and powerful army. When he finished his last two projects, he found that the family of hydras were made all too well. They had learned that he was not overwhelmingly powerful after all, that inside he was actually quite weak. In a surprise attack, they dispatched their master and stole his books of knowledge.

Using this acquired knowledge, the dominating hydras (known as the midnight sunstone hydras) granted the other hydras and drakes the gift of intelligence and established a strict social order. This order lasted for 26,000 years, before The Great Rebellion of the Drakes.”

-The World of Synnibarr, introduction (page 2)
Highlighted passages make you go YEAHH!


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