the dungeon where everyone hears everything

The Land of the Thomas Covenant books is filled with little magical conveniences. One is a council room with great acoustics, so that everyone can hear everyone else and no one has to shout.

This would actually be a good gimmick for a dungeon. The party could split up, if they needed to, and the players could still talk to each other around the table. This would remove an annoying restriction that usually plagues groups where some party members are away (or dead).

For every convenience, there’s a complication. The dungeon would contain a rival adventuring group. They’d be able to hear every word from the PCs’ mouths. Conversely, the PCs would be able to hear every word, grunt, and shout from the rival party.

The DM would have to prepare a few set-pieces to narrate: the rival party encountering a puzzle, a battle, a crossroads, or just talking trash to the PCs. Some of the rivals’ words would, of course, be calculated to deceive.


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  1. Greg says:

    This is actually a feature of the US Capitol Dome. Interesting concept for a dungeon.

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