Cheers, Gary at Gencon

Gail Gygax and I have been sitting in the Gygax Memorial Fund booth at Gencon, fundraising and selling a lot of copies of Cheers, Gary, the book I edited. Yesterday we didn’t have all our supplies yet, and sold out of our boxful of copies in the first hour, and had to put people on a mailing list for the rest of the day. Today we had more books on hand. Gail and I have been autographing copies. The fact that anyone is walking away with my autograph continues to be hilarious to me.

The ENNies are going on right now. I hear that at the
ENnies auction, a copy of Cheers, Gary is going for five hundred dollars so far. I’m glad that people are using this way to donate to the Gygax Memorial Foundation.

After Gencon, I’ll put up a link to the book for sale on the Foundation website.

Edit: Tomorrow Rory and I are planning to go to the D&D
Product preview, so expect a post around 11am or earlier.

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  1. Mark D says:

    Has the link been to the book been put on the foundation website? I’d like to get one.



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