How We Spent Our Ad Revenue: Alea Tools

Paul and I split the ad  revenue that we have made for Blog of Holding so far when we went to Gen Con. We each made an even $10! Instead of investing the money into an extra month of website hosting, I spent my money on Alea Tools Miniature Conversion Circles.

Alea Tools, if you aren’t already familiar with them, make 1 inch colored bases for use with miniatures. The bases are magnetic and come in many different colors. Thus, you can stack them on top of each other and place them under the miniature to show different conditions. These are especially useful for 4th edition, where each there might be several different conditions affecting one or more miniatures at any given time. I use the orange bases to show which monsters are marked, the red bases to designate the bloodied condition, and light + dark gray bases to signify various negative effects, such as stunned or dazed. Pretty handy stuff!

Of course, I already have a bunch of colored bases, so I didn’t buy any of those this year. Instead I spent my money on a bunch of adhesive metal circles you can stick on your most used miniatures so that the colored bases will stick right on via the power of magnetism! Thus, I can pick up my mini and his colored bloodied + dazed markers will stay with him instead of foolishly toppling back onto the grid map due to forces of gravity beyond my control and disastrously sticking onto other colored markers that are attached to another miniature. In essence, these magnetic bases allow me to DEFY GRAVITY with my miniatures.

Check out Alea Tools here:

Buy miniature conversion circles HERE.

Note: For 1 inch D&D miniatures, buy the SMALL circles, since they will neatly fit inside the base of the mini. For D&D miniatures that are small creatures, buy the 5/8th of an inch circles (as part of the accessory pack), since those will also neatly fit inside the base of the mini.

Note: These magnetic circles are absolutely worthless without the colored Alea bases. Just keep that in mind!

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  1. Noumenon says:

    Do metal minis stick to the Alea bases? I’m guessing not because they’re mostly tin.

  2. Rory Rory says:

    I don’t use metal minis, so I am not sure. But your logic is probably sound!

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