conan has been consulting the random harlot table

Trocero: You’ve been too long without a woman, my friend… that’s all. May I venture to suggest that you might do well to set your eyes upon the tavern trulls of Messantia?
Conan: Perhaps there’s something in what you say, Trocero–but the day is past when I’ll bed any slovenly wench who’ll lift her skirts.

Conan loves to roll on the random harlot table, but he hates to roll a 01-10!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That table looks like it’s from a proper book. Where did you get it from?

  2. paul paul says:

    And the Conan panels are from Volume 5 of the Dark Horse compilation of 80’s Conan comics. My favorite Conan storyline: Conan’s battles on the way to his bloody-handed seizure of the throne, not just more “Conan and a slave girl fight snakes in a temple”. I don’t even mind that it’s de Camp and Carter, not Howard.

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