cheers, gary sold out

We’re officially sold out of the first print run of Cheers, Gary. I’m not sure exactly how many the Gygax Memorial Fund printed (two or three hundred? When we were carrying the boxes into the Gen Con exhibitors’ hall, it felt like more.) We sold most of them at Gen Con, and over the last two weeks, sold the last 50 or so online. The only copy left in my house is my own dog-eared personal copy.

My apologies to anyone who ordered a copy and hasn’t gotten it yet. We just sent out the last orders yesterday, so even now, words of Gygax wisdom may be winging their way to your house.

If you’d still like one, I think the Gygax Fund is planning a second printing: hardcover, with an index and ISBN number this time. Sounds deluxe. Since they’ll be hardcover, I un-volunteer to schlepp around the boxes next Gen Con.

This was my first experience selling something I had a hand in making, and it’s been magic. I feel like people have been kinder about my editorial choices than I perhaps deserve. I’m glad everyone went easy on a first-time editor and bookseller, and that everyone from the Memorial Fund was so supportive and helpful. And I hope that everyone who got a copy enjoys reading the Gygax voice again.

3 Responses to “cheers, gary sold out”

  1. sniderman says:

    One of the best purchases I made at Gen Con this year.

  2. Jack Colby says:

    Well, you know how to write an attention-getting headline, that’s for sure. :)

  3. Scarabus says:

    Reprint! Reprint! Reprint!
    I would love to get my hands on a copy.
    Been waiting and no word on a reprint.
    Please do a second run! Even a .pdf for sale would be nice.

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