is there such thing as too much D&D?

I’m in the middle of a stretch of 4 nights of D&D, in 5 days and 3 different editions, including another OD&D game with Mike Mornard.

So it only seems right to link to our GM’s account of a game of Tech Noir that I played last week.

6 Responses to “is there such thing as too much D&D?”

  1. ranthoron says:

    If the Dungeon Master is bad, I suppose there can be…

  2. Yong Kyosunim says:

    Wish I could play that often at times.

  3. Yikes! I trust at least some of that is being done online. I can’t imagine 4 nights out of 5 either with people over or schlepping to someone else’s place.

    But then again, I’m 45, married, with a kid. It kind of dampens my wanderlust. Driving to the supermarket becomes an expedition.

  4. Jeff Rients says:

    Running Friday morning, Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. So, yes.

  5. paul says:

    hmm, maybe i should sneak a FLAILSNAILS game in there to increase my count…

  6. Shawn Sanford says:

    No such thing – currently running monday nights face to face, every other wed, every th night, and every sat afternoon. None use the same system. My problem isn’t too much D&D, it’s too little time to run and play everything that I want!

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