twins! and kickstarter cave art!

I got this request from blog friend Jen, of Jen and Nate Buy the Farm Share, who is expecting twins:

I am interested in having one or both of my yet-to-be-debuted babies featured as escaping from traps on the poster, and thus I have two questions. One, does that require two pledges of $85 (one per twin) or is there some sort of two-for-one twin discount? And two, would you be comfortable imaging what said twins’ will one day choose as their D&D characters, since as of April said twins will not a) be born and b) yet have the means of expressing which class they wish to belong to. (Mother’s intuition, however, says “specialist wizard” and “rogue.”)

Jen’s in luck, we are indeed having a two-for-one twins special! I thought that wizard and rogue infants would be confusing, so I decided that, when adults, the twins would choose to differentiate themselves by adopting the hairstyles of their father: the specialist wizard looks like present-day bearded Nate and the rogue like metalhead high school Nate.

The specialist wizard twin is probably a conjurer, since he appears to be summoning (or defeating) some sort of water elemental, or perhaps an elemental from the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Mud.

Let’s zoom out a little: the twins are hanging out in the Caves and Caverns section of the poster, which is chock full of magic pools and lakes.

This was a problematic piece of the poster, because the source tables are extremely wordy and not very visual. Instead of turning, for instance, the Table VIII. C.: Magic Pools table into a series of illustrations, I just wrote out the chart, in the tiniest possible letters. That’s different from what I did with, say, Table VII.: Trick/Trap where every trick and trap gets its own picture.

That tiny writing left some room free under the Magic Pool chart: there’s just enough room for me to draw some lucky $80 backer being impaled by a piercer.

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  1. Nate says:

    Twintastic. Even better than I’d imagined!

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