$15k goals met! $20k reward: dungeons from Mike Mornard and Sly Flourish!

We hit $15,000, so we have some presents to distribute!

  • I’ll be programming an online, interactive version of the Dungeon Generator map that creates a dungeon for you as you explore it! That’ll be a bit of work, so my guess is that it’ll be done in May.
  • I’ll be adding Epic Level to the DM notebook! The DM notebook is getting out of hand, by the way: between rules, advice, adventures, and art, the first chapter alone is about 15 pages long. At this rate, I’ll be writing a 100+ page sourcebook. Hey, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing. It’s looking more likely that the notebook will be PDF only, though. I’ll continue to think about print options.

    Finally, now that we’ve hit $15k, we need a

    $20k reward!

    If we hit $20,000, every $17+ backer will get PDFs of never-before-published dungeon adventures from a couple of D&D masters.

    Mike Mornard is familar to old-school players as the only guy to play in Gary Gygax’s, Dave Arneson’s, and Professor M.A.R. Barker’s campaigns. He’s thanked in the first page of the Greyhawk supplement and the Player’s Handbook. He’s also one of the most terrifying DMs I’ve ever played with. (Check out my series of articles about playing in his game.) He’s contributing a harrowing low-level OD&D dungeon crawl, along with DM notes about how he created the adventure. I’ve played in this dungeon before, and made it out with 1 HP and a sack full of gems. I’m interested to see how you all do.

    Mike Shea is the guy who writes Sly Flourish. As a 4e blogger and DM myself, I’m a little in awe of him and honored that he’s helping me out. He’s providing an epic-level 4e dungeon he used for his home game: “Valley of the Crypt Things”, along with photos of the dungeon constructed with Dwarven Forge tiles. He’s also providing DM design notes and monster references.

    From low-level OD&D to epic-level 4e, this should provide a snapshot of how some really good DMs make dungeon adventures. I really hope we make $20k because this is the coolest backer reward ever!

  • 3 Responses to “$15k goals met! $20k reward: dungeons from Mike Mornard and Sly Flourish!”

    1. Michael (Gronan) Mornard says:

      One of the most terrifying DMs you’ve ever played with? Awww….. *blush*

      (Actually, I’d been wondering if Gary and Dave would think I’ve been going to easy on people…)

    2. ranthoron says:

      @M(G)M: second burlew point: you bring a camera to your next session?

    3. Michael (Gronan) Mornard says:

      ARGH! TOO easy, not “to easy”. Sheesh!

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