$23k reward: Random Dungeon characters on D&D’s Virtual Table! Also, let’s review all the swag!

Another great day, another milestone achieved! We’ve passed $20,622, so Tavis will give us rules for the AD&D dungeoneers as high-level adventurers. And we’re less than $1000 away from amazing Jared von Hindman art. And the bonus rewards bonanza rolls on! Stay tuned for details on EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE GETTING.

If we hit $23,000, Rory from the D&D Virtual Table (also known as Rory, my co-writer at Blog of Holding) will make 20 custom PC and monster tokens and give them to all $22+ backers to use in the application. The tokens will include the art for the five iconic AD&D dungeoneers and all the other characters and monsters from our 20 stickers. Artists include Rich Burlew, Anna-Maria Jung, Rusty Axe Games, me, and half a dozen more real artists who have had real gallery shows and are probably too good for this sort of thing.

The D&D Virtual Table is WOTC’s official tool for playing D&D online. The D&D VT has all the tools for running a D&D campaign: a dice roller, map & dungeon creator, character & monster token system, initiative tracker, campaign notebook, character sheets, integrated voice chat, as well as integration with other official D&D digital tools, such as the D&D Character Builder and Monster Builder. It has support for playing D&D over the internet with friends or jumping into pick-up games with other users.

When the D&D VT launches, backers can email Rory with their usernames, and Rory will give them the bonus PC and Monster tokens to use in the application. The D&D VT is currently in beta for DDI Subscribers and their friends; check it out at vt.wizards.com. If you don’t have a DDI account and still want to check out the beta, email Rory: rory at blogofholding d0t com.

Hold on now. What exactly is everyone getting?

I may have overwhelmed you with bonus rewards. Let me lay out exactly what everyone’s getting. There are a few changes from previous announcements, including new print options.

$5+ backers: $5 backers started with a PDF of the poster. As bonus rewards, they’re now getting:

  • A PDF copy of a D&D-compatible board game, Dungeon Robber, which uses the poster as a board. It’s now got rules for statting up YOURSELF as a Dungeon Robber: did you get straight As? Intelligence bonus! Can you bench your weight (or 150% your weight for men)? Strength bonus! (Note: as a $17 backer, you’ll have the option to get a print copy.)
  • Access to an interactive, online version of the poster: like the poster, you can use it to generate random dungeons. It’ll move you around the dungeon and roll the dice for you. This will be exclusive to backers for a few months, then I’ll make it a free web app.

    $17+ backers: $17 backers started with a Random Dungeon poster and a PDF of the poster. As bonus rewards, they get:

  • EVERY BONUS REWARD THAT $5+ BACKERS GET (Dungeon Robber, online poster)
  • A giant PDF containing a) dungeon adventures by master DMs Mike Mornard, Mike Shea and Tracy Hurley; b) Adventurer Conqueror King (ACKS) rules for the dungeon by Tavis Allison; c) Dungeon Robber game rules. All told, this should be a pretty hefty PDF: since it will also be useful at the game table, I’ll make it available for backers only as a super-cheap lulu book for $5.

    $22+ backers: Besides the various pledge levels at or above $22, all $22+ backers get a PDF of the poster. As bonus rewards, they get:

  • EVERY BONUS REWARD THAT $5+ BACKERS GET (Dungeon Robber, online poster)
  • EVERY BONUS REWARD THAT $17+ BACKERS GET (all-star dungeon adventures and ACKS rules, pdf and lulu)
  • a signed bonus poster: either a second Random Dungeon poster or a Wandering Monsters poster.
  • A sheet of 20 stickers inspired by the poster, by a dozen artists.
  • A PDF copy of Paul’s DM Notebook, an all-editions D&D resource, containing art, adventures, DM advice, rules, and settings, that will be 75-100 pages. It’s too big to send in poster tubes, but I’ll make a print version available on Lulu for $5 for backers only. To save shipping, I’ll also make a single print book that contains the DM notebook and the various-authors lulubook in one volume.
  • If we reach $22k: a PDF of five watercolor dungeon-adventure paintings by Jared von Hindman. If possible, I would love to make these available as prints as well!
  • If we reach $23k: Custom tokens from the D&D Virtual Table!

    Bonus reward for posterity: I’ve agreed to donate my original artwork to Tim Hutchinson, the curator of D&D history, for PlaGMaDA.

    Delivery Dates:

    I’ll do my best to have mailed stuff (posters and stickers) arrive in April. I’m on the pace, as long as no shipping/printing roadblocks develop.

    Most PDFs will be available in April as well, probably around the same time as the posters are mailed. The Paul’s DM Notebook lulubook will also be available in April.

    The all-star dungeon adventures PDF and lulubook will be ready later: it’s scheduled for May, but it depends on the availability of the authors.

    The online dungeon crawler should be ready in May or June or so. One thing I’ve learned as a programmer is not to guarantee software delivery dates :-)

    One more thing…

  • There is a secret bonus goal if we reach 2 Burlew Points ($25,082)!
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