Random Dungeon pdfs sent

I sent emails to backers of the Random Dungeon kickstarter, letting them know that they could download the poster PDFs (and the DM notebook, for $22+ backers). Let me know if you’re a backer and you didn’t get an email.

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  1. Kurtis Trimbo says:

    Love the DM notebook, such an amazing resource. I’ll be implementing about a third of the book in my next gaming session. For another group just rolled up a character for basic D&D…I rolled 7 str, 8 con and 7 int. I decided to try out the fan made adventurer class I found on drivethrurpg and my DM and I decided that I would take flaws for each stat. He has 15 CHA though so at least he’ll be a charming burden.

  2. Ben Bennett says:

    Is there a way to get these any more? Or did I miss the boat?


  3. paul paul says:

    You can still buy the dm notebook (link on the sidebar). Email me (paul at blog of holding) about the pdf.

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