posters and pandas

All the posters have shipped! Actually, this was true a couple of days ago, and I’m late with the announcement: many of you have probably gotten your posters by now.

Dan from GameSalute gave me this graphic, which has a number you can call if you haven’t gotten a poster by this Friday the 25th.

Dan sent me this image on Thursday, so it’s actually only 1d10-4 days till you get your package.

Thanks, Dan and GameSalute, for your help with shipping these posters. It would have been pretty much impossible for me to do it alone.

While I’m thanking people: let me tell you about Rich Burlew.

When my kickstarter was approaching 1% of the Order of the Stick total, and I asked Rich if he’d help me out with art, he not only drew me a sticker that same day, he waved off any honorarium or payment. Instead, he asked me to make a donation in his name to one of his favorite charities, like the World Wildlife Fund.

When we passed 2 Burlew Points, it seemed appropriate to make another donation to WWF. It’s against the rules of Kickstarter to raise money for charity, so I’m now using my own funds, not Kickstarter profits, to make a donation, which just happens to be 15% of the profits of the kickstarter. The donation is in honor of the amazing D&D kickstarter community.

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  1. says:


    But I’m moving into a flat – not rented, an actual flat I have paid for and am still paying for for the next 15 years – this week and by the time I’ve settled in and had people over to celebrate and am sitting there looking at the blank spaces on the walls, it will be!

    And It Will Be Good.

    The PDF looks great, by the way, but it’s a bit inconvenient to scroll around it on my iPad due to the filesize. That, and the bonus items, have exceeded all my expectations so far, and I can’t wait to see how the DM notebook and the game and all that turn out. The DM notebook is a wonderful piece of work!

    (the dwimmermount preview kinda sucked for me, but I a) didn’t want it b) didn’t think from anything I’d seen that I’d be at all interested in it, it was still nice to have a browse through though.)

  2. says:

    Also, pandas are dumb and can’t even mate properly, but they’re adorable and thank you for donating to charity.

  3. Well, mine will probably take longer, rigth? Shipping to Brazil isn’t that fast.

    Or was it sent in super high fast delivery method? :)

    Loved the PDFs!

  4. paul paul says:

    Glad you like them!!

    The international stuff was shipped first, but nevertheless, I’d expect the international orders to appear towards the end of the d10 days. Hopefully it won’t take longer than that, but if it does, hopefully it will be worth the wait :-)

    If it’s more than a week late, definitely call gamesalute.

  5. Nate says:

    This is awesome! I wish I would have learned about this project before it was finished. Is there any way for non-kickstarter backers to purchase the PDF or printed posters?

  6. LS says:

    Mine just arrived today. They look beautiful (both the dungeon poster, and the monster poster)!

    On my way home from work today I’m going to stop and get them both laminated, then start generating some random dungeons for my players!

  7. paul paul says:

    Hooray! May the dice treat your players well (or badly, whichever is more entertaining).

    Nate, I’ll make the posters available in an online shop soon.

  8. Markis Melarkis says:

    Got mine today and the posters are amazing! The Random Dungeon is getting framed right away :)

  9. paul paul says:

    I’m really glad you like it!!

  10. Michael (Gronan) Mornard says:

    Alright, Alright, I’ve started working on the mine!

  11. Jim says:

    Are these posters available for sale anywhere? I just found out about them.

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