against the patriarchs

How about this as a pitch for a Dragon article:


Born into an existence little better than slavery, most female humans in history are seen by the dominant males as mere resources to be used and discarded. This article details four character themes, each a path by which a female human might seek to establish herself in a world that is hostile to her very existence.”

How about this pitch instead?

Matriarchs really get the shaft. Can’t they even have Menzoberranzan? 40 years of Dragon magazine, and there is not even a single character theme designed to undermine the patriarchy!

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  1. spotmarkedx says:

    Add in the complaint that these are super-narrow themes – “must be male drow” or “must be drow martial or defender”. Even if you have a specific group in mind, open it up to other freedom fighters.

    Or make the article pitched above! I’d love to see some female-only freedom fighter themes, as long as they weren’t insulting.

  2. Came to for the cool D&D ideas and commentary, stayed for the feminism.

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