Last minute Christmas gift: the Random Dungeons kickstarter book!

If you’d like the real-book version of every printable reward from my Random Dungeon kickstarter, you can get Random Dungeons, a 180-page book containing every reward made for every backing level, for $19.95. Until December 14, you can use the coupon code FELICITAS to get 20% off the price (for a price of around $16) and it should arrive before Christmas if you order, like, today.

It contains

  • the art from the Random Dungeon and Random Monster posters
  • the sticker art by Rich Burlew and other artists
  • the final Dungeon Robber rules
  • Paul’s DM Notebook, a 64-page book on its own
  • the All-Star DM notebook, containing new adventures and game tools by Mike Mornard, Mike Shea, Tavis Allison, James Maliszewski, Jared von Hindman, and myself.

    My adventure is none other than the dungeon crawl that we’re doing in the Mearls sidebar. Watch out for spoilers!

    Buy it here!

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