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Jared von Hindman, who’s a good guy, a good artist, and one of the talents behind my kickstarter, has been diagnosed with cancer. There isn’t an official help-Jared fund, like the terrific Help Ernie Gygax page (go there too!), but don’t worry, I’ve been thinking about how we can help.

For the kickstarter, I put up Jared’s amazing dungeon art on Zazzle (all profits to Jared). Now the deal is even better. It’s $50 for a set of 2 paintings (a map and an illustrated map key), of which Jared normally gets about half and Zazzle gets half. Instead of just getting the profits, Jared will now get 100% of what you spend. All this year, I’ll cover the Zazzle cut out of my own pocket, up to $5k. I’d love the total to get that high!

Here are 2 of the 10 paintings:

Coroner's Dungeon

And the map key:

Coroner's Dungeon key


Buy a couple of these, pick up a couple of the Ernie Gygax eBay items, and you can be pretty proud of yourself today.

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  1. Michael (Gronan) Mornard says:

    Aw, jeez, I am SO sorry!

    If it’s not too intrusive, what kind of cancer? (I’m a cancer survivor myself — lost my left thumb to malignant melanoma).

  2. paul paul says:

    I’m not sure – mostly I keep up with him on twitter and he’s not posted in a few days. Any kind is scary, but I hope it’s a less scary kind!

  3. I am deeply touched. Thankfully, my insurance is covering the majority of the bills….if I wasn’t in the system here in Germany I don’t know how I’d be able to survive. Cancer Mage Jared has to be completely honest…I don’t want people to assume I’ve dived into doom debt yet. That comes later, depending. That said, I appreciate any help I can get because I can’t work and…well….I’ll be writing more when I can. Chemo really knocks me out like something crazy. Go figure.

    As for finding more information (The answer to the above question is Testicular Cancer, I officially am asymmetric as you read this) I suggest checking me out on G+. I’m pretty open there and it’s a LOT easier to track info about the hilarity of hospital living there. (I just saw this today btw….I got home last night & go back for another week+ tomorrow morning.) Here’s a link, just to make things easier:

    And again, you rock, Blog of Holding.
    “who’s sack is either half full or half empty, he’s not sure just yet”

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