dungeon robber 1.2: savegames that save! relocate your robber! More inventory slots!

This is a bugfix release of Dungeon Robber, but I couldn’t resist throwing in more functionality.

People have been reporting their savegames disappearing, which is bad news. When I was a kid, I didn’t mind my Legend of Zelda save disappearing from the gold Nintendo cartridge, because it meant I got to play more Zelda. But these days I like my savegames to, you know, save. I’d been using the built-in Flash data-saving feature: I’m still using that, but I’m also backing up savegames to HTML5 storage, so each one can act as a backup if the other fails.

Not paranoid enough for you? I also added a “save settings” feature on the loading screen where you can physically make a copy of your Dungeon Robber savegame and save it into a text file or email it to yourself. This lets you import/export your character between multiple computers, and also lets you make sure your fully unlocked town will last forever.

I’ve also added a way to reset your game, if you want to start over from the days when your village had no buildings and your graveyard was empty.

Note: There’s one text error I’ve noticed: in the IMPORT feature, it claims that importing a game will delete the current game. That’s not true: in fact, you can’t import a game over an existing one. You’ll have to torch your village first, before you can import. I’ll update the text when I get home.

I’ve also added a little News section to the loading page, and a link to buy the poster, now that some people are playing the game who don’t follow my blog or kickstarter.

Finally, I’ve made it a little easier to delve down into the dungeon depths. I’ve added 4 inventory slots to every character. That means that you can load up on all the equipment you want and still have room in your pack for the occasional Jacinth of Estimable Beauty or other dungeon treasure.

I still have a long list of bugs to be fixed in an upcoming patch! If you find any new bugs, email me at paul at blogofholding!

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  1. nijineko says:

    possible bug report: when i selected to stay at home for a week and be healed of all my damage, it took my money and didn’t change my hp.

    awesome rendition, btw. thank you for making it. =D

  2. Jeff Epler says:

    I’ve been spending way too much time on this game. Thanks!

    A few buglets: (linux, firefox, flash plugin
    * when I’ve been playing for a long time, the game becomes sluggish (due to the huge scrollback?)
    * sometimes the savegame text area is empty
    * the new inventory slots don’t change to “sell” when selling in town

    A few suggestions:
    * A way to mark an item type as vendor trash (e.g., I’ve got +1 leather, so mark unenchanted leather as trash)
    * A way to dive (descend faster). Perhaps when entering the dungeon you can select your desired starting depth with a chance of starting out lost. Maybe face a monster of each level on the way down?

  3. Peter G says:

    I’m on my sixth character, having retired one at each step from Yeoman to Mayor. My current character has 3,500 XP. How do I change his class from dungeon robber to thief or can that only be done with a new character / new game?

  4. Jihanhadapenis says:

    I beat Dungeon Robber. And it was advanced

  5. Peter G, that can only be done with a new character.

    Everyone, what is the point of Magic Missile? The damage doesn’t seem to increase, and it doesn’t seem to be an automatic hit. Is there any reason to carry this scroll if I’m already carrying a +1 dagger?

  6. paul says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the bug reports! I’m working on the game now and I hope to have a new release next week. I’ll put these on my list.

    Jihan: WHOA

    William: Magic Missile SHOULD be an automatic hit. If it misses, send me a screen shot.

  7. Orgy says:

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  8. Rachael says:

    I don’t know if i’m missing something but how do i put weapons/armor on my hireling?

  9. Wim says:

    @Rachael. If you click on the character sheet (botttom) you see the weapons armor. Click on it and it becomes bold. Also click the 10 feet pole.

  10. Rachael says:

    @Wim I am asking about my Hireling not about my character. My hireling does not have a character sheet.

  11. Wim says:

    @Rachael Sorry, misread your question. I’ve asked that question before. Not possible currently. Paul has promised it in a future release. Should be in the older comments.

  12. Paul: I think I was just wrong about magic missile. It does seem to hit every time now.

    Anyone: Is there a way to scroll up so I can see more than the text currently being displayed? For example, my graveyard is overfull but I want to read some of the ones that are currently off the page.

  13. Mantar says:

    Does this thing have a bottom floor? My fighter Gabriel is on floor 31 now and it just seems to keep going like level 10. Treasures are crazy huge at x31, though.

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