Dungeon Robber 1.3: bugfixes, named pets, teleportation magic

There’s a new version of the Dungeon Robber game!

Good news first:

  • I tried to make an old school game, but I just couldn’t do it, guys. Level drain is now REVERSIBLE. If a vampire or succubus drains a level, you can go home and (for a hefty fee) get your levels back.
  • The Wizard College now has a teleporter that sends you to a random room in the dungeon. If you’re willing to risk appearing on a random level from 1 to 10, you might be able to skip some early dungeon levels.
  • You can name your pets and henchmen. Furthermore, their names are on the screen below their portraits. Click on the name to change it.

    And now the bad news:

  • Heroes have less HP: fighters and clerics get 1.5 HP per level (or 2/level with high Con).
  • No more 1-HP dragons: while all monsters still have 1d6 HP, a monster’s minimum HP is equal to half their monster level. Thus, a level 8 Hill Giant has 4, 5,or 6 HP.

    Now a long list of assorted bugfixes and minor changes:

  • I tried to fix the persistent issue with disappearing savegames. I try to save games using two different methods (Flash and HTML5); if these savegames ever differ, a popup asks you which one you’d like to use. Let me know if savegames continue to disappear.
  • Got rid of the 404 error that happened when you tried to load a savegame.
  • In Advanced mode, you can choose your high stat.
  • Clarified who can use items: dungeon robbers, thieves, and clerics with high Wis can use cleric scrolls. Dungeon robbers, thieves, and wizards with high Int can use wizard scrolls. Item descriptions and vendor trash acts accordingly.
  • Added a Quit key in town that saves and takes you to the loading screen.
  • Fixed a major memory leak by trimming the text log after 250 lines. You won’t be able to scroll back and see your entire adventure, but the gme shouldn’t lag so much after long play sessions.
  • Slightly altered fishing likelihood and added some messages in bottles.
  • Ready/Equip appears correctly next to items.
  • When you are teleported 100 miles from the dungeon, you spend your food to walk home as indicated in the text.
  • Animate Dead scroll references the graveyard.
  • Food and cure wounds spells don’t heal your skeleton.
  • Your skeleton always starts with 4 HP – you don’t need to reroll your skeleton over and over.
  • Super strength caused by mystical red mist dissipates when you go to town.
  • The lime-green color for treasure text has been muted.
  • If you don’t have a container, coins fall out of your pocket half as often as before.
  • If you retire as prince, the smithy is unlocked, if it isn’t already.
  • Charming a wounded monster retains their HP damage.
  • You now get XP for killing a creature with a spell. But don’t worry about the XP too much, since you only get token XP for slaying monsters; it’s all about treasure.
  • It’s now possible to use an item at a dead end.
  • When you go home, you automatically turn your coins into GP.
  • Put in a tooltip explanation for heavy burden.
  • Assorted text fixes and clarifications.

    As usual, I still have a list of buxfixes and features I haven’t got to yet. Let me know if you find that I’ve added new bugs; if any of my buxfixes didn’t work; or if you find any new issues.


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    1. Wim says:

      Like the changes.
      What is strange is that when you leave the dungeon and entering the town, it takes several seconds to load the town. It can take up to 5 seconds.
      I’m using Google Chrome on Windows 7.

    2. Awesome! I was just about to ask about getting XP for spell-kills.

    3. ranthoron says:

      Hm, two things I found:
      – when at a safe underground river, both casting a line and curing light wounds get the (c) key
      – casting cure light wounds when only your summoned skeleton is injured doesn’t work

    4. Paul says:

      Yeah, i could probably optimize the town loading.

      Good point about casting a a line and CLW!

      Casting CLW on your skeleton shouldn’t work, so it sounds like it’s working correctly (unless the presence of the skeleton prevents you from healing yourself).

    5. Jeff Epler says:

      Excellent news. Thanks.

      I’m on my second king-ranked char in basic but there are apparently still things I haven’t seen (like the 100 mile teleport). I only last week ran into a libram of improvement.

    6. choop says:

      I found an awesome bug that I love taking advantage of, but I should report it out of common decency.

      A succubus and a vampire can drain your levels, of course, but if they don’t drain enough XP from you to *actually* knock you down a full level (say, from 120,000 to 110,000) then you level up again as soon as you kill them. Fighters don’t lose any of their attack bonus during that level drain, and still gain +1 on it with that immediate level up. I had a level 11 fighter with +24 attack bonus for a couple of days, until I lumbered into a gas trap that gave me +1 strength — it applied to to my attack bonus, and wiped out all my succubus trickery, down to +13 total attack bonus.

      I’ve run across one librum of improvement with that fighter, which gave me +1 WIS. Then I swam in a magic pool, because hey, you find a magic pool, you swim in it, and it sapped me of my +1 STR. Now I have a level 11 fighter with +1 CON and +1 WIS and regular old strength.

      Question: is every librum of improvement only good for a +1 WIS bump? Maybe I was just unlucky with the second one I found, which told me “The knowledge in this librum is beneath you. You can still sell it, though.” I’d really like to get that +1 STR back, and the two other magic pools I’ve come across have both teleported me back to town.

    7. choop says:

      Sorry – forgot to mention that I haven’t tried 1.3 yet, and that all that applied to 1.2

    8. choop says:

      I’m seriously not trying to spam here. I just loaded 1.3 and like the new henchman layout and I LOVE the mystic hex whatever at the wizard college. Boom, level 8.

      I came across a vampire on level 9, and it drained me a level. As soon as I killed it, I leveled up and checked my stats. +14 attack bonus (so that bug I mentioned above is still in play) and 34 hit points (down from 41, apparently recalculated with the new formula). Those extra seven hit points really aren’t that valuable, but I sure do miss seeing them there :)

      One of the earlier threads mentioned a rumor of equipping your henchmen with equipment from your inventory. I understand that it’s got to be rough coding to implement, but I really want to add my support to that feature request.

      Paul, have you thought about putting the code up on github or anything, starting a little team?

    9. ranthoron says:

      So, why showing the cure light wounds for the skeleton?

      And is it correct that you can’t take a henchman with you through the teleporter?

    10. Jeff Epler says:

      Carrion crawlers from the arena enter the dungeon with me just fine through the teleporter. I haven’t tried with a hired henchman.

    11. choop says:

      i’ve teleported with a henchman, no problem. the problem is having a 1hp henchman on level 8.

      re: the drain/re-level bug is no longer persistent. the buffing used to live between sessions, as long as you didn’t change your equipment. with 1.3, attack bonus seems to be recalculated when you join the game, so if you quit with +15 from dealing with 2 succubi or vampires, you’ll restart with +13.

    12. Eric Greystone says:

      Totally dying a lot now…

    13. Jeremy says:

      Nice! I’ve been enjoying this. Another quicker level-finding possibility (rather than the teleporter) is to enable the backtrack to stairs down, if such have already been encountered on that level. With the usual possibilities for getting lost on the way.

    14. Brad says:

      Love this. I have a group that plays 3rd edition once a week.

      I would love it if I could play this on my Android tablet.

    15. ranthoron says:

      Hm, I just was lost wandering around, was at a door, rolled a 2 and could backtrack…

    16. Allan Grohe says:

      Hi Paul—

      I’m still not able to load saved games, nor are my saves persistent from game to game/session to session if I stop playing over night. I’m running FF 23.0.1. I’ve saved the saved games in various states of my progression (I’m up to grodog LXXIV or so—always playing advanced, and I’ve only successfully retired 2-4 PCs across all of my saved games, so I’d appreciate getting back my meagre accomplishments sometime). Anyway, if the saved game files would be useful, shoot me an email and I’ll happily send them your way.

      Otherwise loving the game: I’ve drawn a somewhat artistically guided rendition of the first level session that I played and, perhaps unsurprisingly, I rather like it 😀



    17. A random dungeoncrawler says:

      Hi, I like this game a lot, but there’s something bothering me. Whenever I try to use the exported text to import it onto another computer I lose the “progress”. Meaning I lose all previous characters+improvements

    18. Finally got a queen. Hooray!

      Also, I like the flavor text about seeing an arrow scribbled in chalk on the dungeon floor. What about selling chalk in the marketplace that adventurers can equip to reduce their chances of getting lost?

    19. Wow, advanced is REALLY HARD.

    20. Arpa says:

      Just me or cleric are overpowered as heck? I mean, they have access to heavy armor, have amazing saving throws and infinite sustain with cure light wounds spam.

    21. Fiona says:

      Hi, I have a problem with the game as well. When I retire characters, for example a merchant and a countess, it will only show the countess position filled when I restart a new game. My merchant is gone completely. Am I doing something wrong?

    22. morikahn says:

      Great game!

      If I can recommend some slight UI alteration; Monster stats that appear on the bottom right should have a little color to them so they stand out against the map. I didn’t even realize they were there for half an hour. This applies to henchman as well.

      Also, it would be nice if character sheets listed your run away bonus when are the Dungeon Robber class, and the amount of spells you still have available when you are a spell caster.

      Other than that, great job.

    23. Chris says:

      The biggest bug is that after you choose to (u)se an item, then select (n)one, the game seems to think that you just encountered the monster for the first time, allowing you to sneak attack it or run away in a dead end. (I also seem to recall that if you try to parley in this case, the game locks up.)

    24. Chris says:

      Also, one day I hope to find another priceless work of poetry and this time not die before returning it to the surface world. :(

    25. D. says:

      I’ve lost my saved games twice now; no big deal, but it kills the appeal just a bit :/

    26. Jim says:

      Coliseum Vampire Bug Report:
      It seems if a vampire in the coliseum drains your level, you won’t get the option to buy them back like you would from within the dungeon. I made the mistake of entering the dungeon and it locked my level down from 6 to 2.

    27. I savour, result in I discovered just what
      I used to be taking a look for. You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt!
      God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

    28. Gord says:

      I’m up to level 11 fighter and have over 250000 xp points on advanced. Are there any additional experience levels? Thanks, great game.

    29. Stragus says:

      I love Dungeon robber!

      There are a couple bugs still.

      I’m a Cleric with a skeleton henchman. When the skeleton is damaged, it lets me cast “cure light wounds” but then tells me “You are already at full health!”. I can also “share (f)ood and restore 1 HP to your followers”, but I lose food and the skeleton doesn’t get any HP.

      At some point, I lost all progress and the save code it gave me just before the event appeared invalid: all progress was lost with the graveyard empty. Fortunately, I had another recent save code.

      You may have passed to new and greater things, but it would be great to come back and fix the remaining issues.

    30. Céline .S. Sauvé says:

      The website still seems to be at Version 1.2

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