somebody make this book please

Here’s an image I made years ago and just rediscovered: it’s my idea for a new series of annotated fantasy classics reprints. Each book’s text would be interspersed with the D&D die rolls that explain the action.

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For long scenes of dialogue, nothing would be needed but the occasional charisma check, noted in the margin. For combat scenes, though, the book would shift to a format inspired by Loebs editions and other high-quality scholarly translations: you’d have the original text on one side and the D&D rules/rolls on the facing page.

Fantasy novels like Lord of the Rings, Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, and even D&D-inpired books like the Drizzt novels would obviously work quite well. Other books that might benefit from D&D Annotations:

  • Sherlock Holmes: the facing page would show the DC to notice each clue in the room, as well as Irene Adler’s Bluff checks and Sherlock Holmes’s character sheet (all 18s).
  • Romeo and Juliet: There’s a ton of swordfighting. The poison rules alone would fill out a decent Apothecary class. Mercutio’s monologue could be printed opposite a Monster Manual entry for Queen Mab. (All Shakespeare tragedies come with a house rule: you can deliver soliloquies while at negative hit points.)
  • The Bible: Lots of the Bible ended up in D&D, so it would be pretty easy to annotate (“Moses casts Raise/Lower Water”, etc.) The Bible would also provide a nice list of new magic items: Coiffure of Ogre Power, Staff of Time Stop, and Bronze Serpent of Proof Against Poison.
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    1. Rory Rory says:

      I hope those long scenes of dialogue at least net the speaker a solid +2 on their diplomacy check for exceptional roleplaying!

    2. Spiralbound says:

      Giving the Christian Bible a D&D annotated treatment would likely send the fundamentalists into a frothing and violent frenzy! This idea sounds both horribly dangerous and tragically appealing. Perhaps a wiki site so that many people could contribute, preferably anonymously? LOL!

    3. LS says:

      Holmes would probably have pretty low charisma.

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