Buy at Blogofholding

Buy at Blogofholding

From time to time I make things. And sometimes you can buy them!

Random Dungeons

This 180-page book is a collection of all the D&D art, adventures, resources, rules, and settings from the Random Dungeon Generator As a Dungeon Map kickstarter. Authors and artists include Paul Hughes (Blog of Holding), Mike Mornard, Mike Shea (slyflourish), Tavis Allison (Adventurer Conqueror King), Jared von Hindman (D&D Outsider), James Maliszewski (Grognardia), Rich Burlew (Order of the Stick) and others.

$19.95 USD

Get Random Dungeons!

Random Generator as a Dungeon Map Poster

This intricately illustrated 36″ by 24″ playable dungeon map poster encapsulates the 1e Dungeon Master’s Guide’s complete rules for generating random dungeons: Appendix A’s four pages of charts are rendered into a flowchart WHICH IS ITSELF A DUNGEON. It’s like the Platonic dungeon: from it, all other dungeons may be generated. Or maybe it’s the Dungeon of Ouroboros. Or maybe it’s D&D’s missing game board.

Even if you missed the kickstarter, you can still buy the poster. Email paul at blogofholding with your address.

$15 USD


OD&D Illustrated Wandering Monster Poster

This 18×24 poster contains the complete rules for random dungeon and wilderness encounters in infographic format, and illustrations of every single OD&D White Box monster (200+ monsters), including the rarely-used ones like “thoat,” “thoul” and “titanotheres.”

Put this on your rec room wall, and you can use it to generate random encounters without having to flip through books, or just stare at it glassily while descending into a spiral of madness.

$8 USD

Email paul at blogofholding.


Paul’s Dungeon Master Notebook

Paul's DM Notebook
64 pages of notes, adventures, races, settings, and high-level options from my home campaign. Lots of illustrations. Here are some sample pages:

Picaresque Gaming

Fairyland Encounters

$9.95 USD for print copy (NOTE: This book, and a lot more, is included in Random Dungeons, available for $19.95.)

$4.50 for PDF (available from RPGNow)

Get Paul’s DM Notebook!

Get Paul’s DM PDF!


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  4. Darc Alliet says:

    Hi. I want to buy a random dungeon poster… sorry I missed the Kickstarter

  5. Ovy says:

    Can one use the Random Dungeons book like you use the random poster? Is the whole of the poster in the book?

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