A mearls is a play-by-poll D&D game where you don't choose between pre-written paths: you write your own.  Why is it called a mearls?
 New Mearls!
You swear allegiance to King Constant insofar as it doesn't conflict with your existing oath. "You'll have to take one of the castles and hold it against roving orc war bands. One is ruled by a bandit wizard, the other haunted by something supernatural. I'll help you outfit an expedition when my family affairs are settled." And now let's take a short real-time break before the next Mearls chapter!
The game so far: (Character sheet)
Dec 21 15
"North of Jarth," says Constant, "lies the barony of Hilgrain: two ruined castles and a few empty villages, on the edge of the wild ruins. It's an appointment no one wants. If you tame it, you will be protecting my border and Redrill's. I can make you baroness of this land and mistress of its future wealth. If you don't want to owe fealty to two monarchs, I can appoint you its salaried governor."
Since Esmarine could't grant me Land yet, I'll take my chances with Hilgrain. Any rumors I have to know?
I will protect both your borders and swear fealty to each of you. Just grant me a small force and some money for supplies so that I can make my start.
Swearing fealty to two monarchs will cause problems for future generations. Salaried governor is acceptable.
Nothing bad can happen if we swear fealty to two monarchs. It's like having two best friends!
Dec 15 15
"If we share your western border," says Queen Esmarine, "we can reach Canticle without skirting the wild ruins." Constant replies, "It would be irreligious to bar your passage to the holy city. Jarth in exchange for Dennod, and your hand on the bargain." The monarchs shake hands. Constant turns to you. "Lady Mearls, we both owe your our kingdoms. What reward can I offer you? Lands? gold? magic?"
Adventure and thus the chance for all of those.
A Tavern at the new trading route
Land. It matters not if it's dangerous, cursed or strange.
Magic of course!
A personal Wizard Butler
An Adventurer's Academy at the new trading route
The legal right to punch anyone in the face, at any time, without repercussions.
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