Red Box differences

Mentzer box

There are a few differences between the Red Boxes besides the depth and the publisher name. Below the picture, the 1983 box says, “This game requires no gameboard because the action takes place in the player’s imagination with dungeon adventures that include monsters, treasures and magic. Ideal for 3 or more beginning to intermediate players, ages 10 and up.”

Essentials red box

Essentials red box

The Essentials red box says, “The ultimate game of your imagination, complete with monsters, magic, and treasure. For 1 or more beginning to intermediate players.” Definitely a trimmed-down version of the text: gone is the disclaimer about the lack of a game board (Essentials does contain a poster map, which sort of is a game board) and gone is the reference to “dungeon adventures”. Also, “treasure” and “magic” have swapped places. Just for alliteration? Or is magic more important now than it was in 1983?

Also, the 1983 set is for 3+ players, 10 and up. The new set is for 1 or more players. In the top right corner it now says “Age 12+”. But you know what? I bet 11 year olds would still like it.

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