move actions

The choose-your-own-adventure openings for the Essentials Starter classes are inconsistently pedantic about move actions. When the PC’s wagon is attacked by goblins, the wizard needs to use a move action to stand up. The fighter, though, can spend his first move action to “run towards the nearest goblin”. Was the fighter already standing up inside the wagon?

This is probably a good thing to gloss over for beginning players. Let’s just concentrate on using a move action for moving: let’s not spend a lot of time on alternate uses for move actions, like getting up from a prone position. Besides, the fighter probably WAS standing up in the wagon, the big doofus.

Hilarious! I bet they wanted everyone to use their move actions as a starting example, but the wizard doesn’t really want to run towards the goblins and endanger him or herself, so instead they just stand up. Also, wizards are too smart and lazy to stand up in a wagon!

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