so I CAN be a cleric of Jesus?

The Cleric section of the Essentials starter set comes with a sidebar explaining the gods of D&D. The typical gods are “Pelor the sun god, Kord the storm god, Bahamut the champion of justice, Erathis the god of civilization, Avandra the god of change, the Raven queen (god of death), and several others”. The raven queen gets parentheses, lucky girl. I guess it’s because her name starts with “the”, and “the Raven queen the god of death” just looks peculiar.

The sidebar finishes with the message that the specific deity your character worships isn’t important. “Play within your own comfort zone.” WOTC is still gun-shy after all the ridiculous satanism and occult accusations of the 80s.

Hey, wait a minute. On closer inspection, the sidebar doesn’t say “the specific deity YOUR CHARACTER worships isn’t important.” It says “the specific deity YOU worship.” WOTC is a bunch of lousy atheists!

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