cleric: still the whipping boy

Playing through the character-creation section of the Essentials starter set, the Cleric is the only character who doesn’t get a chance to make an attack in the first round of the first combat. My noble cleric (skin: gold and red in vertical stripes; eyes: tan with white irises; hair: blonde) uses a minor action to heal the dwarf merchant, a move action to stand up (which doesn’t seem quite fair, because the rogue used a single move action to stand up, slip out of the wagon, and sneak up behind a goblin) and then had to trade a standard action for a minor action to “pull a mace from your belt so it’s ready for use on your next turn”.

Oh well. At least as the cleric, you actually have a mace on your belt. The fighter apparently came into town with no weapons at all. The fighter “pulls a weapon from the wagon and run towards the nearest goblin.”

Really, that’s just another way the cleric got screwed. I bet the cleric paid for that mace. The fighter just showed up empty-handed and grabbed a free weapon from the wagon. I bet he keeps it, too.

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