talking to goblins

Encounter 1 in the Essentials Starter adventure (two goblins; one runs away to get help) is reminiscent of an encounter in the Mentzer Red Box solo adventure (two goblins; one runs away to get help), except that the Mentzer goblins are friendlier:

(Essentials Red Box) Two goblins, clutching short spears, glare at you with bloodshot eyes.
“You’re not welcome here,” the nearest one snarls.
“Intruders!” the other screeches.

(Mentzer Red Box) You greet the goblins in your own language, the Common Tongue. They look up, startled, and one growls something in its own language. The other smiles at you, and says “Why, hello there! What can we do for you?”

Of course, the 1983 goblin’s pleasant facade is all a trick to stall while goblin reinforcements arrive. 4e goblins can learn a thing or two from older editions: you catch more adventurers with honey.

That’s it for today! Tomorrow I’ll wrap up my thoughts on the DM’s Book and Red Box.

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  1. Claire Claire says:

    I love the polite goblin! He was raised right!!!

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