official 4e random treasure table

In Encounter 6 in the Essentials Red Box adventure, we get the first random treasure generation table that I’ve seen in D&D 4th edition:

Each character who spends time searching through the [crate of] supplies for something useful or valuable can make a DC 12 Perception check. For each character that makes a successful check, roll a d8 to determine what the character found:

1 50 feet of rope
2 3 days of edible trail rations
3 a dozen candles
4 10 feet of chain
5 5 gallons of fresh water
6 3 pints of lamp oil
7 5 silver pieces (sp)
8 1 gold piece (gp)

Not only are these hilarious things to give treasure-hungry PCs, this entire chart could be sung to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas” with moderate success.

Also: D&D Essentials: Start to Crate: 67 pages.

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  1. Claire Claire says:

    At least if you roll a 3 you can have fun frustrating your two favorite kobolds!

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