character sheets

The Essentials Red Box comes with 4 character sheets. The sheets fit on one one-sided piece of paper! It’s roomy enough that almost 1/3 of the sheet is devoted to “character notes”. The last time an official character sheet was presented so tidily was, I think, the 1983 Mentzer Red Box?

It’s definitely a starter character sheet; you couldn’t get a 30th level character on a single page. There’s only 12 lines for “Powers and feats” and 9 for “Equipment and Magic Items”. Granted, a lot of powers and items might be offloaded onto cards, but still, a 30th level character has, what, 18 or 19 feats?

Also, there’s no place explicitly set aside for “Character Sketch or Symbol”? A TRAVESTY!

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  1. Claire says:


    This is sad because it means you aren’t going to take any feats because instead there is a picture of your face in the feats section. It’s too bad because it might have been nice to have some feats, or to know what your feats were. OH WELL.

  2. Claire says:

    When I was younger I could see my feats but I haven’t been able to see them for years! Oh I miss my feats. I guess I will go on a diet and get a bigger character sheet.

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