and now a puzzle challenge!

This morning I described a king’s tomb, with a narrow hole at the top, under which is a seal that paralyzes all who step on it.

So how would you, a lone thief, rob the tomb? The room is a dome, with the only entrance a hole in the ceiling, 30 feet up. The seal is directly beneath the hole, and occupies a 3×3 square. Treasures are scattered around the sides of the dome. All you have is a weapon and an Adventurer’s Kit.

2 Responses to “and now a puzzle challenge!”

  1. DMZ says:

    My weapon is a whip, because I’m Indiana Jones. First I climb halfway down the rope from my Adventurer’s Kit. Then I use my whip to grab treasures.

  2. 1d30 says:

    You climb down far enough to suss out the room. You climb back up and haul up the rope and tie your underwear to it where you think the underwear will be a couple feet off the floor. Toss it down to make sure. Then you tie the end of the rope around yourself in a harness such that you’re just above the underwear. Now you climb down again and, suspended above the floor, swing yourself to and fro, scooping treasure up using your backpack. You never physically touch the floor. When it gets hard or you get tired, call for your friends above to haul you up and take their turn. If you get paralyzed accidentally, everyone will see it, and they just haul you up and swap you out with someone fresh. You’ll get better eventually.

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