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It’s surprisingly strange to hold a D&D book as small as Heroes of the Fallen Lands. I’ve been reading multicolumn D&D books – either hardcover or magazine size – for more than 20 years. My brain can barely cope with the lack of an alley between columns. And there seem to be so few words per page! What would fit on one column of the PHB takes up a page of a trade paperback.

I am surprised that this makes such a difference to me. If I like large-format books so much, the logical extension is to print books on the largest possible pieces of paper – perhaps the PHB 1 should have been printed on pages the size of a foldable poster map. It’d take about thirty-five of them.

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  1. gamer-geek says:

    I know this post is from ages ago now… but my first thought on seeing the new format was “this would work well as an e-book or PDF formatted for similar devices.” (Here’s hoping WotC reconsiders electronic formats). My second thought was “This will fit better on the typical person’s shelves – maybe this will make it more appealing to newcomers?”

  2. Moon DM says:

    Agreed. The new format would fit well on the small-size kindle or nook, which would make them great gaming devices, joining the Kindle DX and iPad.

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