ranging the forgotten kingdoms

Examining the upcoming classes/builds in Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms:

Ranger, hunter (controller): As recently as Gencon 2010, Wizards deflected questions about a martial controller, saying that they felt no pressing need to fill empty spots in the power source/role grid. And all the time, they knew that they had a controller ranger coming out! They must have been smirking up their sleeves, the sly little pixies.

What exactly will a hunter do? Well, that’s difficult for me to predict because I have never fully understand the controller role. It seems to be a combination of limiting opponents’ movement and shooting area-effect fireballs at people. Maybe the hunter will use traps? EXPLOSIVE traps? Maybe it will cut out the heart of Snow White? Loathe in Las Vegas?

I hope its area effects don’t all consist of an improbable buckshot-like spray of arrows.

Ranger, scout (striker): My question about the scout ranger is this: will it be similar to the 4e twin-strike ranger? or will it be another Essentials basic-attack-heavy class, like the other martial classes we’ve seen so far? The build is named after a fun 3rd edition basic class, whose deal was that it did extra damage when it moved. I wouldn’t mind if the ranger scout’s schtick was that it got its extra striker damage from movement. Or from dressing like a ham.

A martial controller! What can we expect next from Wizards, an Int/Con race that’s not the githyanki? Have you no SHAME?

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