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Further scrutinizing the upcoming classes/builds in Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms:

Warlock, hexblade (striker): Another return to the 3e well. Hexblade was a 3e basic class class that channeled eeevil magic through its sword. If the 4e hexblade is a close-combat sword-using warlock, that will finally fulfill a promise made in the 4e player’s handbook 1: “You’ve got powers to help you attack and defend in melee, as well as excellent ranged attacks.” We have a guy in our group who was VERY EXCITED about being a sword-using warlock, but the mechanics never really backed it up. Until now?

Finally, D&D Insider will make available an assassin, executioner (striker). I assume that this will be a new assassin build, not the current one.

One thing I’ve noticed is that so far, HotFL has studiously avoided any mention of non-Essentials D&D products. I assume that that is to avoid confusion, but when the Essentials kids get online, will they be confused by the fact that there are two Assassin builds, as well as dozens of other builds in the Character Builder?

I guess I should trust the kids. Back in the day, they made some sense of the 1e Dungeon Master’s Guide. They are frikkin’ BABY GENIUSES.

They do make passing references to “other source books” when talking about paragon paths and some other things, I believe. So it’s like a hint of the wider world of D&D!

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