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HotFL offers more advice than the 4e PHB on race/class combinations, descending (gasp) into CHARACTER OPTIMIZATION ADVICE!

Here’s what the PHB has to say about cleric player races:

Humans and dwarves make ideal clerics. Elves, half-elves, and dragonborn are good clerics too, but they rarely have the same values of piety and reverence found in many human and dwarven cultures. […] The race you play and the deity your character worships have little effect on your cleric’s ability to utilize divine powers.

HotFL, on the other hand, has a full page about dwarf, elf, and human clerics, with comments like “Dwarves are a natural fit as warpriests, since they can gain a bonus to both Wisdom and Constitution.” The book also claims that there’s a long tradition of elf clerics, and “elf warpriests are instrumental in defending their people and the allied races of the mortal world.” If that’s the case, why don’t I see more elves in church?

Because elf warpriests are too busy adventuring and bathing the lands in the blood of undead, goblins, and undead goblins to ever step foot in a church, save perhaps to beg some fellow holy man (or woman!) to resurrect a buddy before hitting level 8 and being able to do it themselves.

Really? Too busy adventuring? Because I notice they find plenty of time to dance about trees.

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  1. Moon DM says:

    Who do you think is handsomer? I think Rory is handsomer but Paul has that Tom Selleck mustache.

  2. DMZ says:

    You could fall into Rory’s eyes but Paul is craggy, like my dad.

    On topic: Elves worship Corellon. I’m sure that dancing about trees is part of Corellon’s standard religious observance.

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