the utility of skill training

The HotFL martial builds (knight, slayer, and thief) have a common schtick for their utility powers: most require training in a specific skill. For instance, the level 2 Knight’s utilities Battle Leader, Glowering Threat, Minor Resurgence, and Push Forward require Diplomacy, Intimidate, Endurance, and Athletics respectively.

I like this idea: it makes my skill choices feel a little less meaningless. Honestly, my dwarven fighter’s Endurance check does not come up that much. I chose it to match my character concept. It’s nice that it might get me an extra utility choice.

Some of the utility choices are executed better than others. Among the level 6 thief utilities, Hidden Blade has a Thievery prerequisite and Slip Aside requires Stealth. All rogues get Thievery and Stealth for free, so this isn’t much of a prerequisite.

Here’s a game: Guess the skill prerequisites for the level 6 Knight utilities, just based on their names. (To see the answers, highlight the section or hit Ctl+A.)

Knight’s Challenge intimidate
Helping Hands healing
Rapid Advance athletics
Dauntless Endurance endurance, good job!

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  1. just a note to say that I am enjoing this essential reading over your shoulder :)

  2. paul paul says:

    Thanks! They’re fun to write.

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