common magic items

Here’s the list of common magic items in Heroes of the Fallen Lands:

Black Iron Armor
Magic Armor
Sylvan Armor
Veteran’s Armor
Defensive Weapon
Magic Weapon
Vicious Weapon
Magic Orb/Staff/Wand
Bracers of Mighty Striking
Shield of Deflection
Boots of Striding
Burglar’s Gloves
Diadem of Acuity
Goggles of Night
Helm of Battle
Amulet of Protection
Elven Cloak
Safewing Amulet
Belt of Vigor
Potions of healing/life/recovery/vitality

It’s not a bad list of simple magic items, although I think that the Vicious Weapon, which has one of the better weapon powers, will overshadow a lot of Uncommon weapons.

This is not the complete list of 4e Common items, by the way: the complete list, along with other Essentials rule changes, is here.

Uncommon Items

Also included (for fun?) are a handful of Uncommon items, which players can’t get except from DM loot drops. I’m not sure why they’re included in this book.

Orb of Insurmountable Force
Earthroot Staff
Wand of the Hunting Hound
Gauntlets of Blood

I guess these are in here so that wizards, rogues, and fighters can have something to salivate over. The cleric is playing a cleric, so he’s used to disappointment.

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