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Here’s the horizontal character sheet from Heroes of the Fallen Lands (click for a larger version):

Essentials character sheet

The character sheet can fit on one page, which is great. It will require you to write pretty small, though.

There are 26 lines for Powers and Feats, which includes Race Features and Class/Path/Destiny Features too, I guess, since there is no section set aside for those. The PHB character sheet had something like 70 lines for all that information, and it sometimes got crowded at that.

There’s no place to write down your Paragon Path and Epic Destiny.

There is quite a generous allotment of space for your Character Sketch, however! Hooray!

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2 Responses to “character sheet”

  1. Greg Gray says:

    Landscape orientated character sheets are great. Anything that allows me to get closer to the map without having to get up and bend over the table. Here’s to getting even less exercise!

  2. Etherrider says:

    I do admit that I like this. My crew always liked very simple sheets, in fact I remember a prospective new player who brought character folders for each character and he got jeered a little bit about how long it took to find anything really useful on in his character notebook! I know there are those out there that like it, but when I showed this to some of my old crew who fell out at 3e, they expressed interest in returning as the sheet looked pretty simple (and therefore the game must be simple…and FUN!).

    So I give it a thumbs up!

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