name day: The Monorthodox

Recently I woke up from a dream with the phrase “The Monorthodox” ringing in my head.

What do you think The Monorthodox is?

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  1. Moon DM says:

    It’s a book, each page of which has a color plate of the proper way to worship Asmodeus. As you read it, your body unknowingly takes on the positions illustrated in the book. If you read the whole thing, you unintentionally summon a devil.

  2. katre says:

    There is only one way for Modrons to worship their god (I forget which way it is, though). There are, of course, some hidden heretics who oppose the Monorthodox. They are called the Dihedrons.

  3. Grog the Gleeman! says:

    Battle chant of the Hobgoblin Clerics:

    “The strong shall serve the MONORTHODOX
    Our scourges flay the land’s flesh.
    Nomog-Geaya’s flail shall thresh
    the weaklings from the MONORTHODOX.”

    Peculiar scansion and ABBA rhyme structure are among the most potent weapons of the Hobgoblin Clerics.

  4. Baf says:

    He’s a priest who’s half Greek and half Jamaican.

    Seriously though it does sound like a Modron thing.

  5. DeadGod says:

    It appears to be a real word. At least, a word that has actually been used:

  6. paul says:

    But does seem to be a typo for “nonorthodox”.

    Here’s my guess. The Monorthodox is the greatest and most sinister cathedral in the land. It’s not an abandoned dungeon, but one in daily use, where traps and monsters are cheek by jowl with throngs of worshipers maddened with the fumes of burning godsblood.

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