the paladin’s steed returns

I’d guessed that the Essentials Cavalier paladin would come with a summonable mount (based both on the general retro-ness of Essentials and on the etymology of the word Cavalier). When Heroes of the Forgotten Lands came out, though, it looked like I was wrong.

Just when all seemed lost, D&D Insider came galloping to the rescue, with The Cavalier’s Steed, which provides a poké-horse as an alternative to the Cavalier’s class feature Pace of the Virtuous Charger. (Pace of the Virtuous Charger is the one that lets a cavalier get a speed boost on charges. Somehow it makes me picture the paladin galloping into battle, possibly while riding one of those horse heads on a stick. I think I prefer the real horse.)

The article also provides mounted feats, including upgrades to the Paladin’s summoned mount. My favorite:

Improved Steed (Celestial Battle Tiger)
You have learned how to summon a large, powerful battle tiger from the celestial realms to serve as your steed.

Finally, my He-Man-themed D&D campaign can get off the ground!


5 Responses to “the paladin’s steed returns”

  1. DrOct says:

    I thought the EXACT same thing when I saw that feat.

  2. David says:

    I thought the same thing too!

  3. Claire Claire says:

    There’s also a pegasus feat. I would also play in a She-Ra campaign. I’m just throwing that out there, guys.

  4. TheRPGrrl says:

    That’s fantastic! I know lots of 4e players who will be thrilled to hear about this :-)

    And, yes, He-man, She-ra — I’m there 😉

  5. DrOct says:

    @Claire – Good point. I’d play in a She-Ra camppaign too. (But to be fair riding a tiger is slightly more unique to He-Man than riding a pegasus is to She-Ra, so it’s not entirely sexist that my first thought was of He-Man and not She-Ra, but I’d be happy to try playing in either Eternia or Etheria… …Or BOTH!).

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