blog of holding’s first year

We’ve been blogging since mid-February 2010, and in that time we’ve written almost 250 posts. At first, we were posting once or twice a week. There have been occasional hyper moments: sometimes when we went to Gencon or liveblogged Essentials we posted up to 8 posts a day. In recent months, though, we’ve been posting pretty steadily about 4 or 5 posts a week.

Along the way, we’ve done a couple things I’m proud of: put the Monster Manual 3 on a business card, gotten a favorable review from Mike Mearls, re-invented a seminal RPG, and fixed 4e.

All of this supports my theory that Blog of Holding is a bunch of badasses. You can bounce a nickel of the rock hard abs of our RPG musings. And the nickel will come back a dime.

Next year, the goals are: 1) hit 500 posts, and 2) be mentioned favorably in a press conference by the President of the United States.

Also, tour the world with our rock band, “Blog of Holding Dot Com”.

2 Responses to “blog of holding’s first year”

  1. Grendelwulf says:

    …and don’t forget to have your mum get a tattoo that says “Son”!
    I love that Dos Equis commercial…

    Congrats on your accomplishments and wish to see your goals for next year happen.

    Blog Hard!


  2. The Red DM says:


    I very much enjoy your writing.

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