Rites for everyone

I recently posted a “rites” mechanic, where a wizard spends a turn powering-up his spells. I think it might actually be a good general mechanic: every class has a unique way to spend a turn powering up an attack; if successful, all hits become critical hits.

More examples:

Rogue: Skulk. As a turn-ending standard action, a rogue makes a Hide check vs. an opponent. If successful, the first hit on that opponent next turn will be a critical hit.

Fighter: Windup. A fighter begins a combat move. Like the wizard, if the fighter is hit before the next turn, the move is spoiled.

Cleric: Abjure. As a standard action, the cleric flourishes a holy symbol and demands that all enemies retreat. The next turn, an attack on any enemy within 3 squares of the cleric is a critical hit.

2 Responses to “Rites for everyone”

  1. Dave says:

    Cool ideas, but watch out for player abuse, as there are lots of feats and items that have special effects triggered by criticals.

  2. Durn says:

    I like this, but I would add that an interrupted rite causes a critical Fumble. Of course that would require a fumble chart, but of those I am a fan.

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