Mazes and Monsters Manual chapters 1-5

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Rules for helping Tom Hanks escaping the Mazed condition in chapter 5.

I’ve added chapters 4, “Quests,” and chapter 5, “Combat”, to the PDF of the Mazes and Monsters Manual.

Look for 13 more pages of rules, 19 illustrations from the movie, and 1 screencap from Burton’s Hamlet.


The Quests chapter includes helpful rules like:

When you start a new hero, you will be much less powerful than your friends. Remind your comrades that it is their duty to babysit you for a few levels, until you are slightly less useless than you were. On the plus side, your uselessness may result in all the heroes being killed in the maze, in which case everyone will get to start over at level 1!


Sample from the Combat chapter:

Candles should be set up on and around the Game Board: their hypnotic flickering will help the players reach the psychologically vulnerable state in which Mazes and Monsters is the most fun!

Changes to chapters 1-3

After playtesting, I also made some rules changes to chapter 1-3: the surprisingly common situations where you roll a 11 (fumble) followed by a 12 (crit), or vice versa, is now called a “save,” and allows you to take a free turn if you do something other than what you were planning.

I also made fumbles less common, since they are sort of a drag, and ended up using something very like the D&D 3.5 rules for confirming critical hits. I didn’t plan it; it just sort of happened that way.

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