Synnibarr Sunday: adventurers

“After the avatar rested, it teleported all the animals from Earth to the new world. It then selected 400 men and women and transformed them into adventurers who were gifted with special powers and abilities. Each class of adventurer had different powers, yet each class was dependent on the others for survival. It created these adventurers to defend the seeds of Earth from potential dangers.

During the generations of deep space travel, the avatar knew that radiation could possibly alter human and animal life. It also knew that an alien race could discover Synnibarr and attack. Therefore, to defend the adventurers, it created a well-protected city for them to live in and enclosed the Worldship in a Werestorm to protect it during its initial takeoff and while in flight.”

– The World of Synnibarr, page 1 (introduction)
Things that I expected to be game terms, but are actually world terms, are highlighted. Also Werestorm.


3 Responses to “Synnibarr Sunday: adventurers”

  1. VonKeebler says:

    Does a being afflicated with a WereStorm curse turn into a thundering cloud of lightning during a full moon or just at the start of battle? Can a therianthrope of another type be the recipient of a WereStorm curse, like could they become a WereBearStorm. Does it rain tiny bears?

  2. snorkel says:

    Well obviously in Shakadeem you have Werevenderant NalaberbearongStorms that rain godbears, which are like gummi bears but better.

  3. cwhite says:

    In the format you’ve presented this, it oddly feels like scripture.

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