a picture of every creature in the Monster Manual 1, where they live, and their level range

Every creature in the Monster Manual

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I crammed pretty much every MM1 creature on one image.

Every monster has a level band, showing the level range between the highest and lowest version of the monster. Monsters are divided up according to their most common location: the planes, the wilderness, civilization, the sea, exotic lands, and the dungeon.

Although it’s not necessarily the best way to make encounters, you could cross-index the level and location of your party and see at a glance all the monsters they’re likely to encounter.


  • For level band purposes, I’m ignoring minions, which I believe are game constructs for representing monsters of significantly lower level.
  • I’ve made a lot of judgment calls. Some creatures with planar origins are common in the natural world, but I only drew them once. I tried to rely on flavor text. A lot of undead can be found anywhere; I’ve somewhat arbitrarily split them between the wilderness and dungeon, depending on whether I associate them with crypts.
  • I didn’t plot monsters constructed by wizards, such as battlebriar, boneclaw, colossus, eidolon, flameskull, golem, guardian, helmed horror, homunculus, and zombie. I did include skeletons, which tend to outlast their creators.
  • I’ve also identified some monsters as “exotic”: creatures likely to be found on lost continents, distant deserts, and frozen wastes, not the magical Europe that most D&D campaigns start in. Culturally imperialist distinction? Perhaps.
  • I’ve generally anchored monster names at the bottom of the level bands because I think that the low-level versions usually represent the bulk of the species, and the high-level versions are usually leaders or champions.
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    1. greywulf says:

      The is quite amazing. Brilliantly done!

    2. greywulf says:

      That is quite amazing, even. Sheesh.

    3. Nicely done. Totally retweeting this.

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    5. Adrian says:

      That is outstandingly awesome!

    6. Dyson Logos says:

      Sir, you are INSANE.

    7. trey says:

      Whoa. That’s impressive.

    8. Nunya says:

      Let me fix that for you Adrian:

      Sir, you are INSANE. I applaud you.


    9. Worthstream says:

      oh my god! This is wonderful! How long did it take? any chance you’ll be doing a version with wizard constructed monsters ? Those are pretty common encounters, at least the zombie and golems…

    10. paul says:

      Thanks guys!

      I was thinking that maybe I should add the handful of constructed monsters, maybe in a secret wizard lair in the dungeon, and look into making it available on a print on demand poster or something.

      Other editions/books are possible. It’s pretty fun to doodle monsters while watching TV.

    11. cwhite says:

      I’m stunned. Well done. You make me want to be a better nerd.

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    13. Wow!
      People might call you crazy for doing this, but like any quixotic undertaking it is totally worth it!
      I salute you.

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    16. Nate says:

      This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Bravo.

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