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March 2nd, 2012 by paul

Through the press he saw feyswords glittering, glimpsed auburn hair and sparks of pale viridian. Then he was pushed back, until the gate receded from view and thought.
Greg Keyes - The Briar King

As we know from this infographic, planes have levels. For instance, the feywild is approximately level 7 through 20.

Since the PCs and monsters from the feywild have an average level of 13, common feywild weapons can be given an appropriate bonus for a level 13 character or monster. Just as +1 swords are the generic magic weapon of the natural world, +2 feyswords (plus or minus one) are the standard among the feywild eladrin.

Feysword: A +2 mithral blade that glitters in the faintest light. When the eladrin armies march to battle, they do so bearing feyswords.
Advantages: 1) A feysword can be treated as a longsword or rapier, whichever is more advantageous. 2) As a free action, a feysword's user can cause it to glow like a torch. 3) Feyswords do +5 damage to creatures with the Shadow keyword.
Drawbacks: 1) When a feysword is drawn, it confers a -2 penalty to Stealth checks involving hiding in the shadows. 2) If a feysword is exposed to the sunlight of the natural world for three consecutive days, it becomes Sunrusted.

Sunrusted Feysword: A feysword that spends much time in the natural world is likely to develop a patina of gold flecks along its silver blade: sunrust. It acts like a +1 sword, but has all of the other advantages and drawbacks of a feysword.

Lordly Feysword: Its pommel studded with jewels and its blade an interlocked pattern of mithral ivy leaves, this feysword has an enhancement bonus of +3 (or higher) and is frequently used by fey lords.
Advantages: 1) It is immune to sunrust. 2) It does +10 damage to creatures with the Shadow keyword.

Other planes can have their own common weapons: the typical weapon of the astral plane is a +3 angelsteel greatsword.

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