Complete Gary Gygax Enworld Q&A, all on one page

If you’re interested in the history of D&D, one of your best resources is the long-running enworld “Ask Gary Gygax” threads. From 2002 to 2008, Gary Gygax answered a heck of a lot of fan questions. Unfortunately, there are over 500 pages in the Ask Gary threads, so if you’re looking for a specific anecdote, you have a lot of message board pages to click through.
For your Ctl-Effin’ convenience, I’ve compiled all of “Col. Pladoh’s” Ask Gary message board posts onto one (long) page.

Note: I edited Gary’s enworld posts into a book, Cheers Gary, for the Gygax Memorial Fund. At the request of the Gygax Memorial fund, I have removed this complete transcript of the Enworld Gygax Q&A. If you want to read his opinions, you’ll have to read them on enworld or await a second edition of Cheers Gary. I wish the Fund the best and hope they get the second edition printed soon.

4 Responses to “Complete Gary Gygax Enworld Q&A, all on one page”

  1. Jim Pacek says:

    Thanks for doing this! Awesome!

  2. Ptingler says:

    Wow, thanks for doing that.

  3. paul paul says:

    Luckily I could write a script to do this automatically; if I’d had to cut and paste I never would have done it.

    I think there are threads at dragonsfoot and elsewhere that I might try to similarly condense.

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