What’s at the center of your game world?

  • Molten core, just like earth.

  • It’s hollow, with a floating sun in the center making a perennial noon, and the concave surface of the hollow earth is populated with exotic tropical creatures (possibly dinosaurs, Barsoomians, or snake-men).

  • The 666 levels of Hell. The surface of the earth is a thin skin, blessed by the gods to keep the infernal legions from boiling out into the universe. That’s why, whenever dwarves dig too deep, they hit a vein of balrogs.

  • An interlocking megadungeon millions of levels deep, each more dangerous than the last. Dungeon level 1 is mostly inhabited by level 1 monsters, dungeon level 2 by level 2 monsters, etc. If each dungeon level is, on average, 20 feet deep, and the radius of the world is 41,000,000 feet, the creature slumbering in the deepest dungeon chamber is level 2 million (or has 2 million hit dice, depending on edition).

  • Nothing – my game world is flat.
  • Molten chocolate core.
  • Other (described in the comments):
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    1. Flynn says:

      The World Within, a hollow world as described on my blog. :)

      With Regards,

    2. Durn says:

      I had the Hollow World box set. Never used it. My world descends into endless dungeons. Maybe the City of Brass is at the center? Maybe the Void.

    3. Scott M says:

      Interesting question. My world has a hollow centre where one of the oldest and corrupt beings is imprisoned.

    4. Kensan_Oni says:

      The center of the Ring is a bright Yellow Primary star, sitting at about 4 AU’s from the innermost layer of the Ring. This provides the ring with temperatures ranging from cool Temperate to Arctic, depending where on the curve it hits. The sun indirectly warms the outer layers of Ring, getting colder the closer to the center of the lower layers. Only the Forge keeps the deepest layers from being completely frozen.

    5. El-Loco says:

      What’s at the center of my game world? Tharzidun’s cyst, the eternal prison. And all the earth and the ley lines that crisscross its surface and the primal matmoss that flows and pulses deep underground like lifeblood and the weird black stelae of strange and terrific power that stand in the deepest hidden places and the warp and weft of arcana that permeate everything are but the bars of the prison of the sleeping god.

    6. Baf says:

      A d12 made of purest high-impact adamantium.

    7. I have talked about this on my own blog too.

      In the center of my game world is Hell.

    8. Sean Holland says:

      My game world has no core, it is not round, it is a shattered plain.

    9. James C Bennett says:

      My world is flat, but not 2-dimensional. It is a block of earch 5000 miles square and 100 miles thick floating in the Void. In the center are caverns and dungeons that compose the Material World analogue of Hell.

    10. Well…Hell…sort of. See, my world isn’t based on science exactly so while Hell is assumed to be ‘deeper below the surface than even most Dwarves will dig’, it is not clearly at the center or core.

      In fact, there is an area in the ‘north pole’ area of my world that does lead to a hollow world/land of the lost type place but it never touches Hell so where exactly is it?

      One theory is that the Gods buried several times and places beneath the Earth that they didn’t otherwise know what to do with.

    11. Jeff Rients says:

      Metaphorically, the works of my favorite Brit lit authors. Physically, there is no center. The world is flat. Level 6 or so of any dungeon is actually level 1 of a dungeon with an entrance on the other side.

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