do you want to play some D&D in NYC?

I’ll be DMing October 1, Dave Arneson Memorial Gameday, at the Brooklyn Strategist.

The Mule Abides has set up a Kickstarter to raise money for Dave Arneson’s charity of choice, juvenile diabetes research.

  • If you’re not in NYC, you can donate, and get the usual collection of kickstarter prizes, including a copy of my OD&D Wandering Monster poster and various interesting gamebooks.
  • If you are in NYC, you can come by the Brooklyn Strategist any time from 9am to 11pm and play games with a bunch of “celebrity DMs”, including the authors of Burning Wheel and Mouse Guard, Adventures Dark and Deep, Adventurer Conqueror King, Death Race Z, Stonehell Dungeon, and, most importantly, ME! You will be amazed at how majestic I am in person, how I command a room with my very presence, and how urbanely I TPK your PCs while flicking an imaginary piece of dust from my perfectly-tailored lapels.
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    1. aamedor says:

      wish I could, that poster is pretty cool btw

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